Creating and modifying Events

    At the bottom of the iDo Script Scheduler window is a row of buttons that let you edit your Events.

    The "?" button opens this online help system.

    The "New..." button creates a new Event in the list and opens the Event Editor window.

    The "Edit..." button opens the Event Editor window for the selected Event.

    The "Delete" button removes the selected Event from the list. You can also delete an Event using the "Clear" command in the Edit menu.

Edit menu commands

    In addition to the normal text editing commands, the Edit menu has several commands which let you modify Events.

    New Event..., Edit Event...
    These commands work like the "New Event..." and "Edit Event..." buttons in the schedule window.

    Duplicate Event
    This command creates an exact copy of a selected Event. This is useful when you wish to run a script on two slightly different schedules, for example, each morning and each evening.

    Enable/Disable Event
    This command makes an Event start or stop executing, exactly like checking or unchecking the "On" box for the Event.

    Execute Event
    This command executes the script for the selected event immediately. This command is useful for debugging your events. See Troubleshooting tips for more information.

      Tip: You can also hold down the "control" key and select an event (or right-click using a two-button mouse). This opens a "contextual menu" that shows the same commands available in the Edit menu.

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