The iDo Script Scheduler control panel

    The iDo Script Scheduler control panel lets you create and modify Events for running scripts.

    Mac OS X
    Open your Applications folder (or whichever folder you placed it), and double-click on "iDo Script Scheduler".

    Mac OS 8.6-9.x
    From the Apple menu, select "Control Panels -> iDo Script Scheduler".

The iDo Script Scheduler window

    When you open iDo Script Scheduler, a window appears which shows all of the Events you've created.

    You can enable and disable hot keys by checking and unchecking the "On" box next to each hot key.

    You can customize the appearance of the hot key list in several ways:

    To sort the list by a chosen column, click on its header. Click again to reverse the direction of the sorting.
    To move a column, drag its header to the left or right.
    To resize a column, drag the right edge of its header.

    Each Event in the list runs independently of the other Events. You can execute a different script in each Event, or the same script in several different Events (for example, you can run the same script every morning and every evening).

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