Controlling iDo Script Scheduler with AppleScript

    In addition to running scripts, iDo Script Scheduler is itself scriptable, allowing your scripts to control your events.

    iDo Script Scheduler is based on our PowerKey background software, so to control iDo Script Scheduler, place a tell block in your script as follows:

    Mac OS X
       tell application "PowerKey Daemon"
          . . .
       end tell

    Mac OS 8.6-9.x
       tell application "PowerKey Extension"
          . . .
       end tell

    You can then place scripting commands (as described below) inside this block.

Disabling and enabling events

    Scripts can disable events to keep them from running, and re-enable them. To do this, set the enabled property of a unit's event to true or false. This is equivalent to unchecking the event's "On" box in the iDo Script Scheduler control panel.

       -- Don't let an event run.
       set enabled of event "Weekly Backup" to false
       -- Find out if an event is active.
       get enabled of event "Weekly Backup"

Executing Events

    Scripts can execute an Event's script immediately using the execute command.

       -- Run an event immediately.
       execute event "Check E-mail"

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