About iDo Script Scheduler

    iDo Script Scheduler lets you automatically run AppleScripts at any time you choose. The Mac OS X version also lets you run shell, Perl, Python, Ruby and Tcl/Tk scripts. You can use iDo Script Scheduler to make your Macintosh perform tasks such as downloading e-mail every morning, or backing up your important data when you're not at the computer.

    You can use iDo Script Scheduler to create multiple types of repeating "Events." Each Event can run any chosen script, and it can pass a line of parameters when the script is run.

    To configure your schedule, open the iDo Script Scheduler control panel application. The location of this application depends on the version of Mac OS you are using.

    Mac OS 10.1 or later
      In Mac OS X iDo Script Scheduler is normally found in your Applications folder, but can be located anywhere you choose.

    Mac OS 8.6 and 9.x
      In Mac OS 8.6-9.x iDo Script Scheduler can be found in your system's Control Panels folder.

Other components

    iDo Script Scheduler is based on our PowerKey event scheduling system. In order to function, iDo Script Scheduler includes the background software components and helper files used by the PowerKey software. See the iDo Script Scheduler background software for more information.

System requirements

    The "OS X" iDo Script Scheduler software requires Mac OS X 10.1 or higher.

    The "Classic" iDo Script Scheduler software requires Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x. It also requires that your system has CarbonLib 1.4 or later. The current version of CarbonLib will automatically be installed by the iDo Script Scheduler installer if necessary.

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