Rebound! Software

Rebound! 2.0.3 For all Rebound! owners -- current version of the Rebound! software
Rebound! 2.0 Manual For all Rebound! owners -- the current Rebound! user's manual
Rebound! 1.1 For Rebound! version 1 owners -- Previous version of Rebound! software
Rebound! 1.1 Manual For Rebound! version 1 owners -- the Rebound! 1.1 user's manual
Crash Test 1.0b5 For testing crash recovery -- public beta of a handy utility which simulates common types of crashes
Rebound! Plug-Ins & SDK 1.1.1 For PowerKey Pro, Rebound! and Kick-off! users -- plug-ins for 4D and WebSTAR, and info on writing your own crash detection support
RetroLog 1.0b1 For Kick-off!, Rebound! and monoLog users -- script to control crash detection and logging during backup

Rebound! 2.0.3
Updated 5/15/01. Read Me | User's manual
For Mac OS 8.6-9.x - Installer - Download (2.6MB)

This file contains an installer for Rebound! version 2.0.3 software, including the logging system, online help, documentation and optional utilities in PDF form.

Note: Rebound! 2.0.3 requires an activator code to run. New Rebound! units come with an activator code, and owners of version 1.x can order an upgrade.

Tip: This software can also operate in "demo" mode if you do not own a Rebound! unit. This lets you see the capabilities of Rebound!

Rebound! 2.0 User Manual
Updated 2/22/01.
Adobe PDF file - Download (567K)

This file contains version 2.0 of the PowerKey Rebound! User's Manual. It contains instructions for installing and using Rebound! on your computer. Requires Adobe Reader 4.0 or higher to view.

Rebound! 1.1
Updated 7/20/98. StuffIt archive. Read Me
For Mac OS 8.0-9.x - Installer - Download (993K)

This file contains an installer for PowerKey Rebound! version 1.1. This was the final 1.x release; new units come with version 2 software. Owners of version 1.x can order an upgrade to the current version.

Rebound! 1.1 User Manual
Updated 7/20/98.
Adobe PDF file - Download (190K)

This file contains version 1.1 of the PowerKey Rebound! User's Manual. It contains instructions for installing and using this older version of Rebound! on your computer. Requires Adobe Reader 3.0 or higher to view.

Crash Test 1.0b5
Updated 8/3/00. Read Me
For Mac OS 8.0-9.x - StuffIt archive - Download (87K)

This file contains version 1.0b5 of Crash Test, a utility which causes several common types of Mac system crashes. This program is useful to see if various crash recovery tools successfully detect crashes and restart your Macintosh.

WARNING: Crash Test works by causing REAL crashes. Any unsaved work will be lost forever. DO NOT run this application while doing normal work on your Macintosh.

Rebound! Plug-Ins & SDK 1.1.1
Updated 7/25/03. Read Me
For Mac OS 8.6-9.x & 10.1+ - StuffIt archive - Download (236K)

This file contains plug-ins and programming information for supporting the "Rebound!" application crash monitoring technology found in our Kick-off!, PowerKey Pro 650 and Rebound! products.

It includes plug-ins for 4th Dimension and WebSTAR (and compatible) servers, and complete documentation and sample code developers can use to add support to their applications.

Version 1.1 adds example AppleScripts to implement Rebound! Timers for applications without direct support, and a REALbasic class to easily implement Rebound! Timers in REALbasic applications. Version 1.1.1 fixes a minor bug in the W*API plug-in which caused WebSTAR to log a warning message (but otherwise worked just fine).

RetroLog 1.0b1
Updated 1/15/02. Read Me
For Mac OS 8.6-9.x - StuffIt archive - Download (21K)

This file contains an AppleScript which runs under Retrospect 4.x to control Kick-off! and Rebound!'s crash detection. This will keep long backups from causing spurious restarts on a Macintosh. It also enables logging of the backup process to monoLog.

Note: This script only works with Kick-off! 1.0.x and Rebound 2.x.