Rebound! Plugins
and Software Developer's Kit

July 25, 2003

PowerKey® (along with Rebound!® and Kick-off!®, which are based on the same underlying software) includes the ability to monitor applications to make sure they continue to run without failure. This folder contains items which make it possible to add this ability to your applications. It includes the following:

Revision history

1.1.1 -- 7/25/03
Updated the W*API Rebound! Plugin to version 1.0.1.

1.1 -- 5/30/03
Adds more sample AppleScripts and the REALbasic SDK.

1.0 -- 8/6/02
First release. Includes plug-ins for WebSTAR and 4th Dimension, sample AppleScripts and the C language SDK.

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