Rebound!TM 1.1

June 27, 1998

Rebound!TM version 1 software is virtually the same as the Server Restart Option of PowerKey Pro, in an easy-to-use control panel for use with the Rebound! hardware.

Rebound! v1 provides system crash protection and custom application monitoring, using our custom AppTimers, and includes a simple record of the most recent restarts in the About... box of the Rebound! v1 Control Panel. Rebound! v1's response to an application failure is always a restart.

The Rebound! v1.1 software does not use nor require an activation code, has no known problems, and is free for use with any Rebound! unit.


To install the Rebound! v1 software, double-click on the "Install Rebound!" icon. Click "Install" to install the software. After installation, you should restart your computer.

IMPORTANT: If you encounter errors during the installation process, you may need to disable any antivirus software, then try the installation again.

Revision History

Version 1.0.1

- Rebound! now records the number of times it has restarted the system, and the date and time of the last restart. To display this information select "About Rebound!..." in the Apple menu.

- The Rebound! Extension now warns you when a program other than the system tells it to quit. This acts as a reminder that Rebound!'s crash detection is no longer active.

- The visual appearance of the Rebound! control panel has been improved.

- The hardware version displayed in the "About Rebound!" box was garbled - fixed.

- The Rebound! software would sometimes interfere with the PowerKey software if it was installed - fixed; now the Rebound! software will quit at startup, allowing the PowerKey software to control the Rebound! unit.

Version 1.1

- The Rebound! control panel now gives you the option to register your Rebound! online.

- The visual appearance of the Rebound! control panel has been improved.

Additional Information

This section contains information not found in the Rebound! v1 User Manual:

System Conpatibility
Rebound! restarts computers by sending the command-control-"power on"-key signal. This approach works reliably on all models of desktop Power Macintosh® and some newer 68040-based Macs®. It will not work on PowerBooks®. For older Macs, we recommend using PowerKey® Pro, which can switch its outlets to cut power to the computer, then start it up again.

Rebound! and PowerKey Pro
Rebound! uses the same patent-pending crash detection technology as PowerKey Pro. Because of this, the Rebound! software cannot run while the PowerKey version 3.x software is running. Version 3.4 and newer of the PowerKey software will allow you to configure Rebound! from within the PowerKey Editor.

The Rebound! software will disable itself if it detects the PowerKey software running at startup. See the "READ ME - PowerKey Pro 3.4" document on the PowerKey master disk or updater for more information.

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