monoLogTM 1.1.3

February 12, 2001

monoLogTM is a powerful and flexible logging system. monoLog gives you a central point for receiving, filtering, storing and relaying vital information from applications and other systems in a variety of ways.

monoLog sorts its log entries based on your criteria, assembling the information in the form and place most convenient to you. You can use monoLog to track activities, notify you of problems, and even take action when necessary, based on specific conditions you define.

Trial Period: monoLog comes free with Rebound! and Kick-off!, or can be purchased separately. You can also install monoLog for a 30 day trial period. During this period, monoLog will run normally, giving you a chance to see how it can work for you. When the trial period expires, monoLog will stop receiving entries. To use monoLog without expiration on a Mac without Kick-off! or Rebound!, you can purchase an activator code from our secure ordering system at

Be sure to read the online help to learn about all of monoLog's versatile features!


To install monoLog, double-click on the "Install monoLog" icon. Click "Install" to install the software. After installation, your computer will be restarted.

IMPORTANT: If you encounter errors during the installation process, you may need to disable any antivirus software, then try the installation again.

The standard installation will install monoLog into your system folder, and will place a folder at any location you choose which contains the following:

By selecting "Custom Install", you can choose which components to install. You can also choose to install DiaLogger, a small extension which automatically dismisses modal dialg boxes and adds entries to monoLog. More information on DiaLogger is available in the monoLog User's Maual and Apple Help.

Revision History

Version 1.1.3

Known Problems

- On some systems, if the "Load only when needed" option is set in the TCP/IP control Panel, Network Logging will not work. Uncheck this setting to enable Network Logging. (This is a known problem with many Internet applications.)

- Some "timer expired" messages from Kick-off! and Rebound! appear in the Master Log but not in the text log, particularly when AppleShare IP crashes. This is due to system instability during the crash.

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