iDo Script Scheduler 1.6.2b2

January 15, 2008

iDo® Script Scheduler lets you automatically run scripts at any time you choose. You can use it to make your Macintosh perform tasks such as downloading e-mail every morning, backing up your important data when you're not at the computer, or any customized purpose you desire.

iDo Script Scheduler 1.6 introduces a rewritten background engine that improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3 and later, adds the ability to run Python, Ruby and Tcl/Tk scripts in Mac OS X, and includes assorted improvements and bug fixes. Version 1.6.1 fixes some minor bugs and cosmetic issues.

The current version of the iDo Script Scheduler software can be found on our web site at


System requirements

The "OS X" iDo Script Scheduler 1.6.2 software requires Mac OS X 10.1 or higher.

The "Classic" iDo Script Scheduler 1.6.2 software requires Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x. It also requires that your system has CarbonLib 1.4 or later. The current version of CarbonLib will automatically be installed by the installer if necessary.

Installing iDo Script Scheduler

Mac OS X
To install iDo Script Scheduler, simply copy the "iDo Script Scheduler" application from the disk image (if you downloaded it from our web site) or folder (if you're using the CD). You may place it in any location you choose, such as the Applications folder.

Then open the "iDo Script Scheduler" application. A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to install the background software. Click "Install" (or "Update" if a previous version was already installed). No restart will be necessary.

To uninstall iDo Script Scheduler, remove the "PowerKey" folder found in /Library/StartupItems, and restart your computer. (Tip: You can reinstall iDo Script Scheduler at any time by opening the control panel as described above. As long as you did not remove the preferences, your schedule will be restored.)

Mac OS 8.6-9.x
To install iDo Script Scheduler, double-click on the "Install iDo Script Scheduler" icon that you downloaded from our web site or found on the CD. Click "Install" to install the software. After installation, your computer will be restarted.

To uninstall iDo Script Scheduler, remove the "PowerKey Extension" in the system's Extensions folder, and restart your computer. If you wish, you may also remove the "iDo Script Scheduler" control panel, but this is not necessary. (Tip: You can reinstall iDo Script Scheduler at any time by either replacing the "PowerKey Extension", or running the installer again. As long as you did not remove the preferences, your schedule will be restored.)

Using iDo Script Scheduler

To configure your schedule, open the "iDo Script Scheduler" control panel application. In Mac OS X, iDo Script Scheduler can be found in your Applications folder. In Mac OS 8.6-9.x, it can be found in your system's Control Panels folder.

An extensive help system is available from the "Help" menu or by clicking the "?" icon in the window.

Registering iDo Script Scheduler

When you first install iDo Script Scheduler, it runs in a fully-functional "demo" mode, giving you 30 days to try out its features. You can purchase the software using our secure web order form, at


When you purchase iDo Script Scheduler, you will be sent an activator code by e-mail. This will include instructions on registering your product.

Note: The 30-day demo replaces the previous "Lite" version of iDo Script Scheduler.

Known issues

Revision history

1.6.2b2 — 1/15/08

1.6.2b1 — 10/26/07

1.6.1 — 1/10/05

1.6 — 12/23/04

1.5.2 — 10/24/03

1.5.1 — 3/14/03

1.5 — 1/2/03

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