PowerPad photo Eddy Award '92
MacUser Eddy Award 1992
Best Input Device

4-1/2 Mice
MacUser Magazine, Jan 1993

Extend your PowerBook's Keyboard

Eddy award-winning PowerPad gives you desktop power from your PowerBook, If you work with numbers -- in a spreadsheet, in a database, or in an accounting program -- PowerPad will make your life easier. A highly ergonomic design helps you work comfortably and efficiently. And you can reconfigure PowerPad's entry keys to your preferrred way of working. You get function and arrow keys plus a desk accessory program, 10Key Tape, for a "virtual paper tape" record of your calculations.

High performance ergonomics

PowerPad's ergonomic design increases your productivity and reduces strain on your wrist and fingers. The face of the keypad is curved into a concave shape and each key is individually sculpted to give you comfortable, accurate key strokes. Full-travel keys provide the crisp feeling of a full-sized keyboard.

You can depend on it

At only nine ounces (including cover), you get performance and reliability. The protective hard plastic case opens to support the keypad at a comfortable angle during use. PowerPad's keys exceed the industry reliability standard, with a life of 10 million depressions per key. And if the cable ever becomes damaged during transport, it can easily be unplugged and replaced with any standard ADB cable.

All the convenience of a financial calculator

As a bonus, PowerPad comes with 10Key Tape, a desk accessory that gives you a "calculating tape" right on the screen. Unlike the paper tape on a calculator, you can edit this tape and it automatically recalculates. You can also copy and paste entries from the tape directly into a spreadsheet. Of couse, you can save the results. And when you need a paper record, you can simply print the tape out on your printer.

Intuitive function and arrow keys

Function and cursor control keys are organized for quick and intuitive use. The mode key at the top of the key pad provides immediate access to fifteen function keys. PowerPad also gives you ten cursor control keys, including four arrow keys, plus home, end, page up, page down, help, and forward delete.

Customizable for the way you work

You can tailor PowerPad's enter and + keys to the way you work. PowerPad ships in the configuration of the Apple extended keyboard, with a large enter key placed below the + key. But PowerPad includes alternate enter and + keys; so if you prefer the arrangement common to most financial calculators, you can place the + key at the lower right, with the enter key above it. It's no wonder PowerPad won an Eddy Award.

System Requirements

Macintosh computer with ADB port.

NOTE PowerPad does not need software in order to operate, however, Mac OS 6.0.5 through OS 9.2 is required to use 10Key Tape.