PowerKey Pro
Server Restart Option

Anyone who has gotten out of bed and gone to the office to restart a crashed server in the middle of the night will find the combination of PowerKey Pro and the Server Restart Option a necessary addition to their system!

PowerKey Pro is the world's smartest power strip, providing six outlets for your computer and peripherals. PowerKey Pro allows you to start up or shut down your entire system with one keystroke, provides user-definable scheduling, helps conserve energy, enables you to control your system power with a phone call, and more. The Server Restart Option activates features in PowerKey Pro which assist you in detecting crashed Mac OS-based computers and successfully restarting them.

The Server Restart Option comes bundled free with PowerKey Pro Model 600 and is available as an upgrade for PowerKey Pro Model 200. The SRO installer modifies the programming in your PowerKey Pro unit, enabling several extra features.

Features of the Server Restart Option

TIP! For more information, see the SRO User's Manual, our White Paper: Crash Recovery for Macintosh, which explains our crash detection and recovery system, and Third Party Support, a list of applications which directly support PowerKey Pro.