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PowerKey Pro Model 600

[PowerKey Pro 600 Photo]
o Six individually-controllable outlets with manual switches and indicators
o One touch system startup for your Macintosh and up to six peripherals
o Powerful scheduling capabilities for automatic startup and complex tasks
o Phone ring and phone keypad control of computer and peripherals
o Automatic power restoration
o Crash detection and auto-restart


PowerKey® Pro Model 600, the world's smartest power strip, brings a new era of sophistication to Mac® OS-based systems. Using the PowerKey Pro Model 600, you can start up your entire system with a keystroke or a telephone call, or at any scheduled time. You can control your peripherals with hot keys or your telephone keypad. You can also use the PowerKey Pro Model 600 to detect and automatically restart crashed computers. You can now have total control over your Mac from anywhere in the world!



[Outlet Diagram]

Each outlet on the PowerKey Pro can be turned on and off individually. This can be done in several different ways: manually, using the switches on the PowerKey Pro; automatically, using the PowerKey software; or by telephone using the telephone keypad. You can also "lock" any chosen outlets to keep from accidentally turning them off. The outlets are also spaced apart, to easily accommodate power adapters. Indicator lights next to the manual switches show you the state of each outlet at a glance.


When you press your keyboard's "power on" key, PowerKey Pro starts up your computer and all your peripherals. It also automatically turns off your peripherals when you select "Shut Down." You can also use the button on PowerKey Pro's front panel as an alternate "power on" key.

[Screen shot]


The PowerKey Pro software lets you easily create powerful Events to control your system. Each Event has a Trigger which can be based on time and date, hot key, system activity, telephone ringing or keypad tones, system crash or power failure. Each Event can initiate one or more Actions, to switch outlets, start up or restart your computer or perform system tasks such as executing AppleScripts or QuicKeys(TM), opening files, mounting SCSI hard disks, etc. You can also define your own custom Actions using any programming language. You can also combine Events, for example to start up when the phone rings, then shut down when the computer is idle (i.e.your session is complete).


PowerKey Pro can be connected to any analog phone line. You can call your PowerKey Pro and use telephone keys to execute any PowerKey Pro Event. With the PowerKey Pro software, you can create personalized access codes to control your computer and each peripheral, or run AppleScripts or applications.


If power fails to the PowerKey Pro, you can program it to automatically restart your system when power returns. In addition, you can run any programs you wish to check the condition of your system and then reload your applications.


PowerKey Pro 600 incorporates the features of the Server Restart Option at no extra charge. The PowerKey Pro hardware and software are in constant contact with each other while your computer is running. When the hardware loses communication with the software, it can restart your server by switching the server's outlet off, then back on. PowerKey Pro also provides application-level crash detection for a growing list of popular server applications. With this feature, PowerKey Pro offers a two-tiered defense against downtime.


Simply plug PowerKey Pro into a wall outlet and plug your computer and peripherals into the outlets you choose. Install the PowerKey software on your Mac OS-based computer and you are ready to go. If you wish to use the remote access capabilities of the PowerKey Pro Model 600, connect the included phone cable to your analog telephone line wall outlet. The case of PowerKey Pro has mounting holes so you can attach it to a wall or desk.


Size 9.25" x 4.25" x 1.75"
(23.5cm x 11cm x 4.5cm)
Power Cord Length 6 feet (1.8 meters)
Interface ADB ('Y' connector)
ADB Cable Length 6 feet (1.8 meters)
Circuit Breaker 15 amps
Rated Voltage 100-120 volts
Telephone Clamping Level 240 volts
Warranty 1 year


Macintosh computer with ADB port, System 7.0TM through OS 9.2, and at least 4 MB of RAM. Compatibility with PowerBooks® is limited and may require dock, adapter or special cabling. Telephone features require an analog phone line.

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