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Remotely Start Up Your ADB Mac

PowerKey RemoteTM is a small Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) device which can turn on your Mac when the phone rings.

PowerKey Remote monitors line one of a standard analog phone line for the "ring" signal. When the phone rings, PowerKey Remote sends the Mac's ADB "Power On" signal to start up the Mac.

PowerKey Remote is a small piece of hardware which has two ADB ports, two phone jacks, plus an on/off switch. It includes a 2' ADB cable and a 6' phone cable so you can readily connect it to your Mac and the phone line.

NOTE PowerKey Remote does not need software in order to operate; however, Macs with Mac OS 6.0.5 through OS 7.6.1 may use the included UnWakeTM software to automatically shut down the computer when idle.

NOTE Need additional capabilities? All of the features of the PowerKey Remote, and more, are available in PowerKey Pro Model 200 and Model 600.


Size 4"x2"x1"
(10cm x 5cm x 2.5cm)
Cable Length 2 feet (61 cm)
Interface ADB (2 ports)
ADB Power Draw 0
Telephone Clamping Level 240 volts
Temperature Range 0 to 55 degrees C
Warranty 1 year


Macintosh computer with ADB port and 'soft power' start up or PowerKey*; analog phone line. Use with PowerBooks® is limited and may require dock, adapter or external keyboard.
*"Classic" PowerKey provides 'soft power' for 'hard power' Macs.

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