Automation and Reliability
for your Macintosh

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes", then we can help. The PowerKey family of products gives you control over your Mac system.

Feature Comparison

From our line of PowerKey products, you can pick one with the features you need. PowerKey Pro and "Classic" PowerKey can turn on your entire system with a keystroke, and turn it off at Shut Down. These models include scheduling software, so you can start up/shut down your computer and peripherals at any time or frequency you desire. Depending on the model, advanced features can include running scripts, opening and quitting applications, phone control, and more.

Kick-off!, Rebound! and PowerKey Pro all have the ability to monitor your computer, and automatically restart it if it crashes. They can also watch many popular server applications, and restart the system if any of them crash.

FEATURE Kick-off! thumbnail

PK Pro 650 thumbnail
PowerKey Pro
Model 650
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PK Pro 600 thumbnail
PowerKey Pro
Model 600
PK Pro 200 thumbnail
PowerKey Pro
Model 200
PowerKey thumbnail
Total Outlets 1 6 0 6 6 4
Outlet Groups 1 6 N/A 6 2 1
Ring Response N/A Yes N/A Yes Yes No
Phone Codes N/A Yes N/A Yes No No
Outlet switches N/A Yes N/A Yes No No
Indicator lights Yes Yes N/A Yes No No
Crash Recovery Yes Admin version Yes with SRO* with SRO No
Power On After Power Failure Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
A/C Surge Protection No** No** N/A No** 160 Joules 70 Joules
Phone Surge Protection N/A Yes N/A Yes Yes No
  *Server Restart Option included with PowerKey Pro Model 600.
** Add-on 110v surge protector available, offering 165 Joules.

For more info on each model: For more info on software upgrades:
Kick-off! for Macs
USB PowerKey Pro
PowerKey Pro 600
PowerKey Pro 200
"Classic" PowerKey
PowerKey Remote
  Version 2.0 upgrade for Rebound!
Server Restart Option for PowerKey Pro 200
Version 3 upgrade for "Classic" PowerKey

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