PowerKey 3 Software Upgrade for "Classic" PowerKey

PowerKey version 3 is the most current version of the software for our ADB PowerKey products. It was originally designed for ADB PowerKey Pro, but it also offers many new and powerful features for owners of the "Classic" PowerKey.

PowerKey version 3 software is included with ADB PowerKey Pro Models 200 and 600, and new "Classic" PowerKeys. Customers using older versions 1 or 2 of the PowerKey software may order the version 3 upgrade from our online order system.

TIP! ADB PowerKey Pro offers all the features described on this page, plus telephone startup, multiple outlet control and more. Check out the PowerKey Pro Model 200 and Model 600 pages for details.

Improved Compatibility

PowerKey version 3 was completely re-written from the ground up to work with Mac OS 8. It is fully compatible with Mac OS 7 through Mac OS 9. It is PowerPC-native, and supports Balloon Help, Sleeping and AppleScript.

More Powerful Events

With PowerKey version 3, you can create a schedule of Events to automate many tasks. Each Event consists of a Trigger (when the Event will be executed) and one or more Actions (what the Event will do).

Triggers are much more powerful than in previous versions. Timed Events can execute just once, on any day(s) of the week you choose, on any day of each month, or on any interval between 1 minute and several weeks. In addition, Events can execute when you press a "hot key" on the keyboard, or when the system is idle.

You can limit when an Event will execute with Qualifiers. You can restrict Events to execute only at certain times of the day, days of the week, date ranges, or when the system is (or is not) idle. This lets you do things like, for example, turn your computer on every weekday morning, but not while you're on vacation in July.

Finally, each Event can run multiple Actions in sequence. In addition to starting up, shutting down and running QuicKeysTM, you can create Actions to open and quit applications, mount SCSI devices, and last but not least, run AppleScripts. This gives you access to a whole world of custom uses. You can make your computer automatically do what you need, when you need it!

New Interface

The PowerKey Editor lets you harness all of this power with ease. A window is displayed which shows all of your Events at a glance.

PowerKey version 3 Schedule Window

Each Event includes a natural-language description telling you exactly when the Event will run, and what it will do. Simply double-click on an Event in this list, and the Event Editor appears.

PowerKey version 3 Event Editor

The Event Editor lets you easily choose the Event's Trigger, Qualifiers and Actions. If you're unsure about any function, comprehensive Balloon Help is available from the system's "Help" menu.

TIP! If you want more information on the PowerKey version 3 software, you can download the user's manual in PDF format.

System Requirements

The PowerKey software works with any ADB Mac or compatible computer with 4 or more megabytes of RAM, running Mac OS 7.0 through OS 9.2. The version 3 software works with ADB PowerKey models: "Classic" PowerKey, PowerKey Pro Model 200 and PowerKey Pro Model 600.