Desktop Dialer

Desktop Dialer 4-1/2 Apples
MacHome Journal, June 1996

4 Stars
MacWorld Magazine, April 1996

Turn Your Mac Into A Telephone Speed Dialer

Now you can get the convenience of automatic telephone speed dialing -- while working in virtually any Macintosh application. Desktop Dialer makes dialing fast, accurate, and easy. Simply highlight a phone number in your Macintosh application and press a hot key. The number automatically dials through the phone line of your choice.

Use your current software

Desktop Dialer will dial from virtually any Macintosh application. Plus, Desktop Dialer includes a free desk accessory, DialerDA, so you can create a personal phone directory of your most frequently called numbers. DialerDA will instantly dial any number with just a click of the mouse.

Work the way you want

Desktop Dialer recognizes the way you work. It operates with standard one-line and two-line telephones, automatically dialing through the line you select. All you do is pick up the handset (or turn on the speakerphone), and Desktop Dialer will dial through the chosen line. Desktop Dialer is even smart enough to know when to wait for an open line before dialing.

It understands your telephone

Desktop Dialer supports both pulse and tone dialing methods. If you're using a pulse phone system, you can easily configure Desktop Dialer to support the standard 10 pulses per second or the faster 20 pulses per second now available in many areas. Desktop Dialer supports pauses during dialing sequences. And it also supports "hookflash" for accessing special features of a phone system. Desktop Dialer requires a standard one- or two-line analog phone. If you're uncertain about the type of telephone you have, contact your telecommunications vendor.

Easy to install

Desktop Dialer can be installed in just a few minutes. Simply plug the device into the ADB port on the back of your Macintosh. Then plug the incoming telephone line into Desktop Dialer and the included line from the device into your phone. A simple software Control Panel lets you customize the operation of Desktop Dialer. It's as easy as that.

System Requirements

Macintosh computer with ADB port, Mac OS 6.05TM through OS 9.2; analog telephone and analog phone line.

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