10Key Tape

Editing Power In a Convenient On-Screen Calculator

10Key Tape is a financial-style calculator program that works with PowerPad - or any other Macintosh keyboard - to act like an accountant's printing calculator or adding machine.

Unlike any other calculator for the Macintosh, 10Key Tape allows you to enter numbers in the same way as a traditional desktop 10-key adding machine, instead of like a pocket calculator. 10Key Tape provides a virtual "tape" on your computer screen, displaying running totals and subtotals. Plus, you can transfer your data into another application, save your work and print it out.


[10Key Tape screen]FIGURES ON THE FLY

10Key Tape is easy to use. Open the desk accessory and a long narrow window appears on your screen, in which your numbers will show up as you enter them. Simply type a number on your keypad, then press the appropriate math operator key ("+". "-", "*" or "/") to add, subtract, multiply or divide the number into your calculation. Use the "Enter" key to total your calculation.

Need to add sales tax to just a couple of times in a list? No problem. 10Key Tape can perform multiplication and division calculations 'on the side', separately from your additions and subtractions. Then you can easily include them in the running total with just a press of the "+" or "-" key.

You can easily edit any item in your tape by simply highlighting the number you wish to change, then re-typing the new value and pressing the "Enter" key. 10Key Tape will then automatically re-calculate your total. You can make corrections and perform 'what if' calculations -- all while keeping track of your entries.

For fresh starts, just press the keyboard's "Clear" key to clear running totals, or use the "Clear Tape" command to erase all the entries from your tape.


You can make 10Key Tape display your numbers in any font on your system. No more squinting at that tiny pocket-size calculator graphic to see your total! Re-size the window and move tape to any convenient place on your desktop; 10Key Tape remembers its size and location.

You can display your numbers in currency format, as whole integers, with 1, 2,or 3 decimal places, or with a floating decimal point added only when necessary. You can also enter numeric references for your entries, just as if you were using the "#" key on an accountant's calculator.


Whether you print your tape for a paper record of your work or save it as a text file for an electronic record, you can choose whether to include the math operators and a date and time stamp. To save paper and printing time, long tapes can be printed in columns, and 10Key Tape will then print multiple columns on each page.

And if you want to use your numbers in another document, you can cut and copy numbers from 10Key Tape, allowing you to paste them into other programs, such as text documents and spreadsheets.

10Key Tape combines the conveniences of a calculator's paper tape with the power of editing and automatic recalculating.


Mac OS 6.0.5 through OS 9.2.